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Aromatherapy Necklaces

Ever wanted to carry with you the fragrance of your favourite aromatherapy oil, preferred perfume or last recommended flu and mosquito repellent blend ? There is no classier way than with our new aromatherapy pendants.

Tastefully hand crafted, the scent of the oil placed in the bottle with the provided pipette will slowly escape through the cork and envelop you in a deliciously aromatic cloud during the entire day!

The aromatherapy pendants are available in different shapes and colour to easily mix and match the style of your favoured tops.

aromatherapy pendants
Aroma pendants with single crystal string in assorted colours

aroma necklace single string
                                                                       Retailed at S$ 15.00

For the best choice of style and colours, we suggest
 that you visit our sales' outlets.

Do not hesitate to contact us for wholesale prices.
Quantity  discounts are granted for order of 50 pieces
and above (all style combined)
Aroma pendants with cotton string in assorted colours

Aroma necklace cotton string
                                                                      Retailed at S$ 15.00

The pipette above is supplied with all of our necklaces. It
allows you to fill in the bottle without mess.

Typically and for glass bottles, 2 drops (for strongly scented essential oils such as rose, jasmine, neroli, oak moss, vanilla,geranium) to 5 drops (oils with higher evaporation rate such as the citrus, eucalyptus) are sufficient to ensure a full aroma day!
Aroma pendants with double crystal string in assorted colours

double string necklace
                                                                                               Retailed at S$ 19.00

Natural perfumes with you the whole day...
   Rose              Sandalwood           Jasmine
in a beautifully crafted pendant...
Aroma pendants in full clay - handmade

Aroma pendants full clay
                                                                    Retailed at S$ 15.00

Hand made using colorful clay, our fashionable pendants quickly absorb essential oil and perfume, which then evaporate slowly over a few days. 
Since they are all hand made, you will not find two pendants of exactly the same shape and with the same colour combination in the clay.   

Directions: Put 2-3 drops of essential oil or perfume in the bottle, the clay will absorb the oil. If you require a strong scent, repeat the above for 2-3 days and the bottle will retain the aroma for up to 1 to 2 months. When the scent is gone, just repeat the process. Enjoy!  

Aroma pendant natural crystal stones

Crystal ball yellow Crystal ball violet      crystal ball pink  Crystal ball brown
                                                                    Retailed at S$ 28.00

They are precious nature crystal stone with different colours and different functions.

The first one (from the left) is called “Yellow Crystal”, which is believed to gather wealth. It is the businessmen's favourite! In addition, it is said to enhance the digestive system, reduce stress and tension while helping  control the mood and rebuild confidence. Yellow crystal represents wealth and it is considered the "King of Esteem".

The second one is a purple crystal. It is believed to gather good fortune, help enhance wisdom and memory, focus concentration, increase sensitivity, stabilize mood, improve quality of sleep, reduce headaches and prevent Alzheimer and the illness of the spleen and kidney. It also said that it can enhance love and emotion. Purple crystal is the "Rock of Love".

The third one is a pink crystal. Very suitable for woman, it is believed to enhance emotion, stabilize love, improve relationships. It is the preferred stone of the service industry.

The last one is very popular in Taiwan because it is said to gather energy. It is called “Natural Eyes” and believed to have many function such as
 increasing blood circulation, improving immunity, harmonizing  the magnetic field of the human body and as having strong characteristics against darkness. It supposed to bring bliss and luck to its owner.  As it is a natural stone, color and line design vary for each piece. 
Cobi Natural aromatherapy pendants

square  cyl  rectangle  

Retailed at S$ 36.00

Cobi pendants are handmade of natural wood and contain ceramic balls that absorb your choice of essential oils.    

clay balls

Cobi pendants features 18k gold-plated bushing to keep the ceramic balls in the pot, 450mm black/ brown leather cord with 18k gold-plated adjustable chain as well as a 800mm long black cotton cord.
gold string

The ceramic balls will hold your essential oil and diffuse them gently guaranteeing a constant release of the aroma as a perfume or for therapeutic purpose.



To use this pendant, simply pour a couple of drops of
your favourite essential oil into the hole on the top of the
pendant using the small pipette provided.

More models to be featured here soon!